The art of Fife-based Scottish artist Reinhard Behrens inhabits a mythical world of snow and ice, of eastern mystery, and of found objects and ideas which transcend time and place.

This world is called Naboland.


(for Reinhard Behrens)

You have placed here
the objects which matter:

a ring of bone, a spindle whorl,
a tarred knot of rope.

And here too you have placed
their shadows, laid them apart.

Searching the hillside
you have found these things:

permanence, devotion, decay,
the silence of our times.

And as simply you have found
their shadows, made them a part.

Brian Johnstone



Forthcoming Exhibition

Short Autumn Breaks to Naboland

Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh  2 – 23 October 2021

Preview on the Open Eye Gallery website here